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Technology and experience

Number: № 3 (september 2023)

Effectiveness analysis of reconstruction of Crimean coastal protection structures


DOI: 10.55326/22278400_2023_3_2

Abstract. The paper considers the progress of implementation of projects for the reconstruction of the Crimean coastal protection structures under the Federal Target Program. The purpose of the work is a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of these projects. We used data from surveys of objects and studies carried out by Marine Hydrophysical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as publicly available project materials. In accordance with the plans, ten facilities were to be put into operation by the end of 2020. In fact, four facilities have been commissioned as of mid-2023. For five objects, the projects required adjustments, the construction of individual objects was stopped due to design flaws. We believe this situation can be explained by neglect of the previous experience in the design, construction and operation of hydraulic structures on the Crimean Peninsula. The paper criticizes the use of rockfill structures, breakwaters and artificial capes, which were abandoned (quite reasonably in view of a negative experience) even under the USSR. It is noted that for some projects, preliminary surveys were extremely superficial, and the established practice is that tenders for project implementation are often won by organizations that do not have any practical experience of work in the conditions of the Crimean coast. Photos are provided by the authors.

Keywords: coastal protection, anti-landslide measures, strengthening the beach of the seashore

Acknowledgments: The work was carried out under state assignment no. FNNN–2021–0005.

For citation: Goryachkin Yu. N., Markov A. A. Effectiveness analysis of reconstruction of Crimean coastal protection structures // Hydrotechnika. 2023. №. 3. Pp. 2-9.

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