Главная  Information about the journal "HYDROTECHNIKA"

Information about the journal "HYDROTECHNIKA"

“HYDROTEСHNIKA” is a cross-sector journal for specialists

The main goal of the journal is promotion of new technology concepts and science, business and industrial developments into the modern hydrotechnic building practice.

The journal “HYDROTECHNIKA” is an effective way to promote the production and services of your company on the building and industrial market of Russia.

The journal covers the engineering investigations and projection, building of different types of hydraulic engineering constructions in Russia, neighboring countries and beyond; problems of operation, maintenance, reconstruction of hydraulic engineering constructions. There are modern technologies, equipment and materials using for building, investigation, for protection and exploitation of hydraulic structures, including difficult soil and climate conditions in the pages of the magazine. In the magazine they discuss actual problems, progress and innovations of hydrotechnics. Scientific and methodic developments of the leading specialists of the field are published; experience of Russian and foreign companies in operating of hydrotechnic objects is placed, presentations of brands and kinds equipment, materials for hydrotechnic building.

The journal is a member of the association “MORPORTEKSPERTIZA”.

Main parts of the journal:

·        Hydropower.

·        Marine hydraulic engineering constructions. Port infrastructure.

·        Inland waterways (river ports). Water engineering.

·        Hydraulic engineering constructions of industrial complexes (mountain, mining, metallurgical, chemical).

·        Geotechnics. Underground excavations.

·        Building, maintenance, exploitation of hydraulic engineering constructions:

-         waterproofing

-         corrosion proofing

-         repair and reconstruction of concrete constructions

-         repair technologies

-         innovations in the projection and building

·        Ecology and hydrotechnics

·        Underwater engineering and equipment

·        Hydromechanization (dredging)

General description

The journal is mass media of federal and international status, certificate of registration PI №FS 77-34599 issued on the 2nd of December 2008.

ISSN 2227-8400, 2227-8427 (on-line).

The journal founder is publisher “TANDEM”. The journale is issued 4 times per year (January, April, July, October). Format - A4, size 96-128 pages. Maximum circulation is 8000 copies. Full-colored edition, glossy cover. It is published on heavy coated high white paper. On-line version is the same as printed one. The journal is placed in the National e-library and included in Russian citation index.

Spreading system

The journal is spreaded free around all regions of Russia due to the following directions:

·        Hydroelectric power stations including under construction ones, large thermoelectric power stations, nuclear power stations, tidal electrical stations.

·        Sea and river ports, renters and owners of moorings. Shipbuilding and ship repair facilities.

·        Makers and suppliers of equipment, machinery, materials for hydraulic engineering constructions.

·        Water-suppliers, water removers, water cleaners.

·        Departments and organizations operating and servicing hydraulic engineering constructions.

·        Lands disposal of hazardous waste.

·        Sea shelf development companies.

·        Building companies constructing hydrotechnic and underground excavations, waterproofing companies.

·        Oil and gas, mining and concentrating industries, metallurgical and gold-mining complexes, mineral raw materials companies.

·        State federal and regional departments (ministries, committees, agencies departments and etc.) supervising hydraulic engineering constructions and their development programs.

·        Planning and surveying organizations, scientific production enterprises, research and development institutes, and universities.

Also direct mail is carried out by list of companies given by advertisers.

Dispatching to neighboring countries and beyond is realized by cash on delivery through “Pochta Rossii”: the addressee pays only transfer cost.

The printed version is sent only to legal bodies and concrete partners of the edition. On-line version is available for free downloading to all interested persons.

The journal is a regular participant at specialized exhibitions and conferences of Russia: AQUA-THERM, St. Petersburg Technical Fair, TransCon, Ecology of Big City, HydroVision Russia  (Moscow), Instruments of nondestructive inspection, “Port infrastructure” conference, Interstroyexpo, Energetika and Electrotechnika, International Forum “Marine Industry of Russia”; WasteTech conference “Marine port hydrotechnic constructions”, Oil and gas, “Saint-Petersburg – the Sea Capital of Russia”, “Construction Equipment and Technologies”, “Power efficiency. Energy-saving”, ECWATECH, Baltic Building week, “Roads. Bridges. Tunnels”, Gidrostroy, Divers congress of Russia.

The editorial office gives necessary quantity of copies to authors and advertisers for spreading them around their regions.

 Prices for advertisement. The prices are in Euro


Exclusive areas:

 ·               Back cover                                        2300

·               Inner front cover page                      1900

·               Inner back cover page                      1700

·               The first inside page                         1500

 Advertisement in the magazine sections:

 ·              Two pages of letter size                   1800

·              Three pages of letter size                 2400

·              Four pages of letter size                   2750

·              One page of letter size                     1200

·              ½ of letter size page = A5               750

·              ¼ of letter size page = A6               500


Bonus: Information about every company buying advertisement in the magazine is placed on the www.hydroteh.ru free in any section by company choose.


If you wish to get every issue of journal “Hydrotechnika” please fill in application form on our website  www.hydroteh.ru and send it to the editorial office.


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e-mail: info@hydroteh.ru

Address: 192007, of. 104, 1, Zvenigorodskaya str., St. Petersburg, Russia

Site: www.hydroteh.ru 

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